2002: The roots of the schools of the FOUR-FOREST Group date back to the year 2002, when the first school was founded in Luzern.

2007: FOUR-FOREST Bilingual International School was founded in Luzern in 2007. The school quickly developed into one of the larger private schools in Central Switzerland.

2010: With the takeover of the Bee Hive pre-school, another bilingual FOUR-FOREST school was opened in Zug in 2010.

2016: LMS-SCHULE was founded in 2002 in Luzern. This traditional Swiss private school has concentrated on the teaching and development of primary and secondary students. Since January 2016 LMS-SCHULE is part of the FOUR-FOREST Group.

2017: The school site in Luzern was renovated and expanded extensively. Additional school rooms were gained in the new rowing centre and the nearby Gymnasium St. Klemens.