Many roads lead to Rome. This wise saying can also be applied to education. Very good alternatives to the long-term grammar school programme are the pathway to the short-term grammar school programme or the completion of a professional apprenticeship. An apprenticeship can lead to a professional qualification.

The bilingual secondary school offers an ideal continuation from the bilingual primary school. In the secondary school, which lasts three years, we prepare young people on their journey to the short-term grammar school programme or to a vocational apprenticeship.

In the bilingual secondary school, English and German are taught equally. In contrast to the primary school, however, a language is assigned to a subject. In doing so, care is taken to ensure that the students acquire a wide vocabulary in both languages over the entire period of their studies.

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In general, knowledge of both languages is required when entering secondary school. However, we offer special programmes and supplementary courses in order for students to bring their German or English language skills to the necessary entrance level within a short time.

In addition, we offer exam preparation for DELF or CAMBRIDGE examinations. In accompaniment to the intensive preparation for the secondary schools or a professional apprenticeship, students benefit from a general education offering both breadth and depth. In doing so, we also attach great importance to the fact that learners are able to acquire in-depth, practical computer skills.