Early Bird -  Supervision before school begins

We offer supervision before lessons begin in the morning in our Early Bird club. The children are welcomed from 7.30am. In Early Bird, the children play, draw, colour or listen to music or stories with other children. This service is free of charge.

Scheduled lessons

After 8.00am all other children arrive so that the lessons can start on time at 8.30am. The children have a mid-morning break on the playground. At FOUR-FOREST lunchtime is seen as an important and enjoyable part of the school day. Lunch is served in the Mensa at 12.00pm. The afternoon programme starts with outdoor play on the playground. Outdoor play enables children to get fresh air and exercise and enjoy the natural environment. The afternoon lessons and at 3.15pm. Afterwards we offer study time and homework club.

After-school Club and activities

Children have the opportunity to visit our after-school club where supervised play and various activities are offered until 6.00pm. After school there is also a wide range of activities and courses within the framework of the after-school club. Hone your child’s reasoning skills through chess or expand their linguistic prowess with another language, such as Chinese. Other courses include singing, drama and football, or they may develop their artistic talent in the art and design class. Individual music lessons are also offered and the children receive a 30 or 40-minute lesson on the instrument of their choice.