Management LMS-SCHULE

The management of LMS-SCHULE Luzern is undertaken by Kilian Graf and Jolanda Huwiler.

Kilian Graf und Jolanda Huwiler

Kilian Graf

Since the establishment of LMS-SCHULE in 2002, Kilian Graf has been working in various functions with its children and young people. During his time at grammar school, he often accompanied students onto the ice rink in winter. Later, during his time at the PHZ, where he studied to be a secondary school teacher and learnt English, he taught in various disciplines, from computer science and typing, to English, geography and natural sciences. Since the school year 2012/13 Kilian Graf has been part of the school management team, and at the beginning of the school year 2015/16 he took over the overall school supervision of the LMS-SCHULE.

Kilian Graf is married and has a son. Together with his family he lives in the beautiful Rontal. In his spare time, he enjoys sport, especially unihockey and running, and he is always eagerly watching EV Zug games and enjoys capturing special moments with his camera.

Jolanda Huwiler

Jolanda Huwiler has been working at the LMS-SCHULE since 2011. In Bern and Berlin she studied pedagogy and German, before beginning her career as a secondary school teacher. She taught young people and adults at different levels before she joined the LMS-SCHULE team. Jolanda Huwiler is mainly responsible for the subject of German at secondary level and advises students with regards to their future career aspirations. Furthermore, she teaches the subjects typing and information technology. Since the school year 2015/16, she has been involved in the school management of LMS-SCHULE.

Jolanda Huwiler lives in Luzern and likes to explore the various mountain landscapes in the area. In addition, she likes to immerse herself in cultural life, be it at the theatre or on a museum visit.